Reviews From TreasureNet

"Just wanted to take the time to say "Thanks Again" to Ed who went above & beyond to get me a great deal as well as making sure detector was shipped to me lightning fast...If you are looking for both a great deal and customer service, I highly recommend Treasure Mountain... Happy Customer. - Scooter(Scott) on Mar 23, 2013"

"Ed is A+. I was posting on a lot of forums about needing an X-1 probe for my E-trac and once Ed knew he was going to be getting one in he contacted me to let me know it was mine if I wanted it. He gave me a great deal and we made a quick transaction. It is now on its way to me. I can see him being my go-to guy now if I ever need to buy something. - Bobby on Feb 19, 2015"

"Another great deal from Ed. Thank you again sir. Never a disappointing deal from you. Will be in touch again soon I'm sure. - Devilpookie on Nov 22, 2014"

"Got my new Etrac from Ed Huffman, thanks for the fast shipping and the great price. - Pitcher on Nov 20, 2014"

"Thank you Ed. Great deal on the headphones. Have purchased from in the past and will purchase from again. Thank you. - Devilpookie on Nov 11, 2014"

"Used Killer B Wasp Headphones from Treasure Mountain. Very fast shipping, and the phones are actually in better shape than he indicated. I am very pleased. -The Silver Pirate on Sep 30, 2014"

"Thanks for the pinpointer, Ed. The Deteknix XPointer is one awesome device. For it's price and abilities, I've seen nothing that places it second best. Thanks for all your help, Ed. - Dan on Aug 21, 2014"

"Ordered metal detector friday 5-30-14 and received it on monday 6-2-14' very pleased about how quickly it came. Excellent shape just as represented,Great doing business with you Ed. You'll be hearing from me in the future for other items I may need.Thanks. - Metal Head on Jun 03, 2014"

"Thanks Ed, 100 % a pleasure to work with! Great deal on my new V3i. Thanks very much Ed for the great deal on my new White's V3i! Very easy to do business with! - Rich on Jun 11, 2014"

"Thanks Ed. Great to deal with and fast shipping from Treasure Mountain Detectors. - DirtAngler on Jun 23, 2014"

"Good Headphones. Ed carries good killer bees strait from Alabama, I bought the new one ear cup ones and used them tonight they work really well. sent in the warranty for them as well. 2-day shipping. on time arrival. Recommended! - Goldnrelics on May 16, 2014"

"Thanks Ed For The Great Deal!Great deal from Ed at Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors on a new Teknetics Eurotek Pro. (Mothers Day present for my mum.) This is my third detector from Ed in the past year and I couldn't be happier with the prices and the service I get from him. Very knowledgable with his advice and willing to answer any questions you have. Thanks Again Ed! - Fella on May 12, 2014"

"Excellent service and good deal. Thanks Ed for a good deal and your honesty in helping me choose the right detector. - TonyAD on May 06, 2014"

"Ed at Treasure Mountain is the MAN! If I need anything metal detecting related Ed is the guy I call! I now buy most all of my detectors from him from him and I am VERY pleased as always. I have purchased many other items from his also. He ships really fast and has the best service and support around. He is my #1 go to guy! - Heath on Apr 25, 2014"

"Another Great Deal & More Excellent Service! Thanks Ed! Thanks again Ed for hooking me up with the 5" coil for my CZ-3D! I'll keep you updated on results! - Fella Oct 01, 2013"

"Another happy (repeat) customer! Once again Ed gave me the best deal that I could find on accessories. A1 top notch service. - Mark V on Mar 13, 2014"

"First class service. There isn't anything better then a good vendor that you know instead of ripping you off will take real good care of you. Ed is a first class vendor who has helped me out many of times without hesitation and makes me speechless everytime. If you want a straight up no gimmick vendor that will do what he can to make you feel like you are the only customer he deals with and is willing to go very far to do so look no further give em a call you won't regret it. - Christo000 on Feb 21, 2014"

"Want 1st Class Service? Call Ed at Treasure Mountain! Ed, thanks so much for working with me on the Gold Cube. It's just what was needed to get this small gold up here! If you are "shopping around", and looking for a good store that will offer you the best in both price and service....just call Ed. - DizzyDigger on Feb 10, 2014"

"Great experience with treasure mtn detectors. A big thanks to Ed for hooking me up with and AT Pro. Definitely the place to shop. - Nockbuster on Feb 04, 2014"

"Thanks so much, great price and support! Thanks Ed and Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors, I'm looking forward to getting my Fisher Gold Bug Pro. - Bill on Oct 23, 2012"

"Thank You Treasure Mountain Detectors !!!! I want to thank Ed over at treasure mountain detectors! after speaking to Ed , told him what I was looking for and decided on the XP Deus... I have not turned my other machines back on ..... its that good. I had a few questions for Ed ,called him from the old park I was hunting and went from picking up foil to picking up coins... Eds always there for ya but if hes not he will call you back...... thanks Ed.. since I bought the deus from treasure mountain detectors and loved the service I bought another machine from Ed... Thank you Thank you Thank you... I cant say enough about you!!!! - Russ on Dec 12, 2013"

"Two Thumbs Up for Ed at Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors. Ed was able to get me a great deal on a new metal detector and ship real fast also. When you are shopping for a metal detector or any supplies for the hobby you might want to check with Ed when you get done with the other vendors. He will come through with a great deal. - Swinging1266 on Dec 07, 2013"

"Ed is the Man. Ed is definetly a vendor u wanna call he will get u what u need at a price that will be hard to beat. - Christo000 on Nov 19, 2013"

"A business man that really cares for his customer. I won't go into all the details but Ed gave me an amazing deal on my ace 250 and the shipping was very very fast and I know he had to pay the extra fee it would cost to get to my house that quickly. I can tell that Ed really cares about his customers. The Treasure MTN water bottle was a nice extra aswell. Thanks Ed! You will always have my business when it comes to metal detecting! - Damian77 on Nov 14, 2013"

"Ed is a fantastic person to deal with he will follow up to make sure your absolutely happy with your detector or accessory. Thanks. - JimJim on Nov 04, 2013"

"Ed is the man! I just wanted to express my experience with Ed. I had talked to numerous dealers on doing a trade in for my E-Trac to pick up a brand new Deus. No dealer came even close to the deal that Ed had given. I wont give the specifics of it but all I can say is after the amazing deal I literally could not pass it up. You will not find a better person to deal with who gives you an amazing trade in value for your machine. Ed has won himself a customer for life. Thanks Ed! - Ballaholyk84 on Nov 04, 2013"

"Thanks AGAIN Ed! Great service, great deals, and super fast shipping! I'll be calling again. - Johnnoh on Nov 03, 2013"

"Thanks Ed from Treasure Mountains! love my new XP Deus. I just wanted to report my business transaction with Treasure Mountains metal detectors,,,i recently purchased an XP Deus from Treasure Mountains and it arrived in the mail today nicely packed,,i cant believe how nice this thing is made im very very impressed with my new detector they really put alot of thought into this device and the quality shows.. buying a high caliber metal detector such as an XP Deus isnt cheap and being new to the hobby i wanted to pick a supporting vendor i felt i could trust and would be there in the future if i had a problem and after contacting this vendor with a variety of questions i felt confident through our communications that he would stand behind what he sells,,and i'll always be loyal to a company until they do me wrong so i look forward to dealing with Treasure Mountains in the future for any needs i may have..thanks again Ed for the great deal on my XP Deus it was wonderful dealing with you. - Showstopper on Oct 24, 2013"

"Just wanted to say thanks again. Couldn't have been more pleased with the deal or the service. That is what keeps me coming back. Appreciate all the advice and will keep ya informed on how the T2 does. - Mark on Sep 24, 2013"

"Thanks for the excellent deal! Great service, super fast shipping and more than a fair deal for my trade. Thanks Ed! You will be hearing from me again at some point . . . - Johnnoh on Sep 17, 2013"

"Ed's da man! Thanks again Ed for the great detector and an easy deal. This CZ-3D is just what I was looking for and it didn't disappoint. What a beast! Anyone looking for a great deal and/or knowledgeable service, talk to Ed at Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors. You'll be treated right! - Fella on Sep 04, 2013"

"Thanks for the supplies. Ed, it was a real pleasure meeting you today and thanks for the supplies. Garrett Pro Pinpointer, Jolly Rogers Headphones, Lesche Digging Tool, and a Collection Pouch. I would not hesitate to buy from you again. Look forward to doing business with you soon! - Airgrabber on Sep 03, 2013"

"Thanks from Brazil!! I bought an AT PRO from Ed and it was a great deal! I´d recommend Ed to anyone who wants to buy a MD at a great price...and you can be sure you´ll have an excellent customer service as well. Now I just need to learn how to use the MD I Cheers! - Everton on Sep 02, 2013"

"Just got my scoop in. Only 4 days after I ordered it. Ed was great to work with. Looks like a heavy duty scoop, can't wait to try it out. - JJG70 on Jul 28, 2013"

"Let me tell you about treasure mountain metal detectors. I was in the market for a stealth 720 scoop, I got a pm from Ed, from treasure mountain metal detectors with a quote on a scoop, it was a very good price for what I wanted, so I ordered the scoop off Ed, now I had contacted sunspot scoops, (the company that makes the stealth 720 scoop for those that don't know) about two week prior to talking to Ed and tried to purchase the scoop off them and was told I would be put on a waiting list- they were out if stock, so when Ed contacted me I thought he had them in stock, 4 days later and I had a package from sunspot on my porch, but it was the wrong scoop, they sent me a stealth-8, I pmed Ed right away and he got on it, I guess sunspot figured I would be happier with a stealth-8. After almost a week of back and forth pm's with Ed giving me updates on my order, and asking me if he could get me a different brand scoop, which I declined because I wanted a stealth 720, I got an Email from Lyndia from sunspot to tell me i was next up for a scoop, so I sent the wrong scoop to Ed, which he paid the shipping, and I asked for a refund, which was in my PayPal in minutes after the request. So even though I ended up not buying anything off Ed, his customer service and fight to make things right after I was sent the wrong scoop told me a lot about treasure mountain metal detectors and what kind of business man Ed is, and that is why the next time I need to order a new detector, or another treasure hunting item, I will be checking with Ed first, because I know he really cares about your overall satisfaction with your purchase and he will do what it takes to make it right if your not. Ed, again thank you for trying to get me that scoop, Im sure we'll do business again in the future. - Chris Jul 25, 2013"

"Thanks to Ed from Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors! Ed, Thank you for shipping out the Garrett Pro-pointer as quickly as you did. Shocked me how fast it arrived. Your customer service was truly appreciated! Most sincerely, Gregg - ATGoldGuy on Jul 23, 2013"

"Thanks Ed @ TMMD On My New Deus Purchase! Great Deal and Wicked fast shipping. Thanks for taking the time with me! We'll do more business in the future! Those of you looking for great deals and friendly, knowledgeable service. Ed Hoffman at Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors is your guy! Thanks Again! - Fella Jul 17, 2013"

"Good deal and good customer service. I tried to get a Garret Pro Pointer and Lesche T-handle from BBH but they were on back order then tried NED but I think they are out of business or something. I looked around on here and TMMD seemed to have a good rep so I called and wasn't disappointed. They had what I needed in stock and gave me a good price. Friendly guy. Right on. Thanks. - Devilpookie on Jun 20, 2013"

"Thanks Ed at Treasure Mountain metal detectors. Thanks Ed for the great deal and outstanding serves! - Swingbot on Jun 23, 2013"

"Treasure Mountain Detectors - Fantastic customer service … Also amazing prices. Quick shipping. Ordered Friday afternoon, shipped same day and received my AT Pro Tuesday afternoon. If your in the market for a new detector you can't go wrong with Ed. I will definitely be a return customer the next time I am in the market for a detector or accessories. Thanks again Ed. New AT Pro Adventure pack Owner. - Krazyace on May 28, 2013"

"Ed is my go to guy. Gave two friends of mine great deals on new detectors/packages. If you value great customer service and a vendor who will always go the extra mile, Ed can't be beat..........and we didn't "ask" for a discount but Ed gave us the best deal without having to ask. - Fast Ed on May 23, 2013"

"Awesome service and a pleasure to deal with. Thank You very much Ed for the Xp Deus actually for the 2 of friend loves his too !!!!! - Ozbach on May 23, 2013"

"1st Class customer service. Ed Huffman's deals simply can't be beat at Treasure Mtn Detectors – HawkRock on Apr 14, 2013"

"Great Deal. Ed at Treasure Mountain Detectors gave me a great deal on an At pro. Really nice guy and the transaction was hassle free. I recommend TMD. - Ky Red on Mar 08, 2013"

"True gentleman. What a pleasure it is to do business with Ed Huffman. I was struggling with a sand scoop choice and finally decided on a Stealth 720i. Ed said if it proved to be too heavy for me he would gladly take it back for a full exchange on my second choice. That is pretty much unheard of these days. If I could give Treasure Mountain 6 Stars I would....Thanks again Ed. - Fast Ed on Mar 21, 2013"

"The T2 is as good as you said. liked the G2 I had a lot but the T2 definitely goes deeper. thanks for recommending it and your service is great! - Lumpsums on Jan 31, 2013"

"Great Deal of V3i. Just bought a new tector from Ed at Treasure Mountain! An absolutely no hassle seamless transaction and great price to boot. Highly recommend Treasure Mountain for all your detector needs and check out one of their treasure hunter expeditions, that would be a nice little family get away! Thanks again for the great deal Ed and I look forward to my next purchase from Treasure Mountain. - 1Radr4lf on Jan 30, 2013"

"Thanks for speedy delivery of my new detector and great price,hope to enjoy it soon. - Jerry Hunter on Jan 26, 2013"

"Great Service from Ed. I just purchased a F5 from Treasure Mountain and the service from Ed to some one that lives on the other side of the world was excellent!! Thanks Ed. - Drover on Dec 20, 2012"

" hassle. That's what it's like to deal with Ed!! VERY easy hassle free transaction. Thanks Ed!!! - CousinEddie on Dec 13, 2012"

"Nothing but excellent customer service from Ed! I contacted Ed right are Thanksgiving to work out a trade in for a new detector. He was honest, straight forward and VERY helpful. I received My package today in great shape! I couldn't be more happy with his level of customer service. I would HIGHLY recommend Ed at Treasure Mountain Detectors and I will, without a doubt, shop with him again! Thanks Ed. - James on Dec 05, 2012"

"Cant say enough good things about TMD and Ed Huffman! I followed a link to Treasure Mountain Detectors and eventually came away a very satisfied customer! After speaking to Ed on the phone, I knew I had finally found someone that would be easy to deal with. Thanks to Ed for setting me up with a new Tesoro Vaquero, Jolly Rogers headphones, and Lesche digger at a very reasonable price. Cant wait for the Fed Ex truck to show up now! - Dtektor on Nov 25, 2012"

"Ed Rocks! Bought my first detector and some other gear from Ed at Treasure Mountain. Took a lot of time to answer my questions and give advice. Also got a great deal. Had a good feeling about doing business with him from the start. I definitely recommend Treasure Mountain. - DeeHerd on Nov 14, 2012"

"Ed Huffman is great to deal with at treasure mountain detectors! Hey folks if your looking for a great deal on a detector give Ed a try he'll work with you and trade up or down depending on the deal! - Vaquero44 on Nov 03, 2012"

"So you want to Buy a V3I? I have had my eye on the new Whites V3Iever since it hit the market. I have used a Whites (DFX) Detector for years and I am very happy with the technology ,Software, and service. Now that it was time to finally upgrade, I started shopping around. I checked lots of prices on line and made many, many calls to metal detecting shops and stores not only in my state but all over the east coast and a few on the west. When it comes to looking for a deal I don't hand over my hard earned money until I know I am paying the lowest price on the market for the best product on the market. I like to buy American Made, while at the same time keep my money as close to home as I can. When I called Ed at Treasure Mtn Detectors I had to ask him if the price he was giving me was for a used detector. He said "no it not used." So then I had to ask if it was a display model or a factory refurbished item. Again he said the price I just gave you is for a brand new Unit still in the box never used, never even put together. The price was so great I went ahead and ordered and also added an extra smaller coil (5.3 V Rated Eclipse) Come to find out Ed sold me the coil cheaper than anywhere I had found it. Ed did everything he said he would do andthen some. The price was right, the tax were right, the shipping was right, the detector was perfect. It's good to find people who still know how to do business. If you're in the marketfor a metal detector give Ed at Treasure Mtn Detectors a call. Not only does he know how to sale metal detectors he also knows how to use them. Call Ed, you want be sorry you did. - Kermit on Nov 03, 2012"

"Best prices. Great guy. If your thinking about picking up a new detector the FIRST person you should call is Ed. His prices can't be beat and he's a great guy to boot! Thanks so much Ed. I'm like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for my Tek Omega to arrive. - Oct 26, 2012"

"FANTASTIC Company GREAT Trade for me!!! Hello All, I have been o here for a while and have done some trading and buying form members and other far I am absolutely pleased with Treasure Mountain Detectors. Ed called me to go over the trade we had set up. He is really a pleaseure to talk to....knows this hobby and really goes up and beyond. He gave me a great deal on a Tesoro product that I needed and NO ONE could beat his price. As for me I will bee doing my future deals with Ed. Thanks again Ed. - ColoSprings73 on Oct 16, 2012"

"Great Deal Honest Man!! Thanks so much for the great deal on my e-trac! You are an honest person and have quick shipping and a great customer service way about you! Please if there is anyone looking to buy a detector, get in touch with Ed first! Thanks again and I will let you know all the things I find with my new e-trac! - Chuck on Oct 12, 2012"

"Thanks For The Great Deal!!!! Ed, I just wanted say thanks again for the purchase of my new detector! You were a pleasure to deal with and quickly answered all my questions and emails. I compared your price to the other sponsors on this forum and you beat them hands down! You have created a loyal customer out of me. If anyone out there is thinking about buying a new detector, Ed is the guy you want to talk to. - Canuck on Sep 29, 2012"

"I called a couple detector suppliers today including one of the MAJOR dealers. Ed was able to beat everybody's price by major money-for me. Also, throwing in some free stuff. It was a pleasure to deal with Ed. Can't wait to get my new detector. - JP on Sep 13, 2012"

"Excelent Company. I recently ordered a White's Coinmaster as my first detector and am very pleased with the service I received> I will definitely be using Treasure Mountain again in the future. Thanks again Ed. You have a heck of a business. :-) - Akia22 on Sep 12, 2012"

"Best service you could ask for. Seldom in today's world do you find a dealer that goes out of their way for anything. Treasure Mountain is as good as it gets. Just wanted to thank Edd for all he has done for me. For those who don't know a simple call will get you some of the best prices and package deals out there and a dealer that will go out of his way to help if you need him. He has truly went above and beyond to take care of me. Hope you guys will give him a try. - TNGuns Sep 06, 2012"

"My search for a decent metal detector came to an abrupt halt recently when, I found that my job had been outsourced to India. As I had been negotiating with Ed about a Fisher F75, I had to say sorry that I would not be able to afford it now. Ed replied that he was sorry to hear that and, offered me an incredibly "generous deal", that no one has ever come close to matching. That also included free postage to New Zealand. Ok I see a lot of detector shops will post for free in the States, but I am in New Zealand. The cheapest I could find was $250 postage!! Ed said that he would cover that and still managed a "monster deal" on the F75 ltd. He kindly went the extra mile. I just hope that I can return the favor one day. I know that there are a lot of good dealers out there and Ed is certainly one of them! - Pete on Sep 04, 2012"

"I wrote a post in another area, unsure of where to write this since I'm new to this site. I traded my V3I in for a XP Deus with Ed at Treasure Mountain Detectors. I got an incredible deal and great service. I contacted many other retailers/dealers and none gave my the deal I got with Ed. My local dealers in CT didn't come close. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Ed for a great deal and fast service. I also appreciate the extras that you provided and the personal service was second to none. Looking forward to further business with you in the future. Your a man of your word and you make metal detector dreams come true. - Ggolds5 on Aug 30, 2012"

"Excellent Service! I recently purchased a Garrett AT Gold from these guys, and I am extremely pleased with the transaction. A+ seller and highly recommended! - Akgoldnuggs on Aug 17, 2012 Very Happy with the service at Treasure Mountain. Hi, I live in Australia and have been trying to get the Teknetics G2. It was proving difficult for quite some time until I contacted Ed at Treasure Mountain. Through his patience and prompt responses I got the G2 at my door without any hassles. Package was very competitive and response times are far superior to his Australian counterparts ?? Many thanks. - Projeanant on Jul 30, 2012"

"Had another great transaction with Ed @ Treasure Mountain Detectors. I'm stoked, you cannot beat this kind of service anywhere. Another detector and some accessories. Check Ed out @ TMD, great guy and excellent communicator and service. Thanks. - Jack on Jul 25, 2012"

"Happy Camper. Just wanted to let the rest of the folks know how great Edd at Treasure Mountain has been to work with. About as good an experience as you could have. His knowledge and input on what may work best for your particular needs is second to none. Great ,and I mean great, deals on detectors and accessories. Got a killer deal and made a friend .....what more can you ask for. - TNGuns on Jul 23, 2012"

"Ed, You did great. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Actually, it didn't feel like business at all. More like two buddies talking about our hobby. I got a great deal on a DFX with the 9.5" coil, a 4x6 DD coil, headphones, numerous battery packs and the list keeps going. I will be back when I need a pin pointer. Thanks again, Treasure Mountain Detectors. - Pete on Jun 15, 2012"

"Great Company to deal with.… Just purchased 2 Garrett ace 350's from treasure Mountain Detectors. Ed Huffman is a great guy to deal with, very friendly and easy to talk to. real fast service and returns calls fast. I shopped around for about a month and got the best deal, by far, from him plus free shipping. If you are in the market to get a Metal Detector you should give him a call. Thanks Ed I look forward to dealing with you in the future.... - Nightowl on Jun 14, 2012"